Act for Haiti is a nonprofit that provides housing and education to orphans in Haiti. In 2022 we heard that they had been struggling to build up a web presence and decided to help. Before we started building the website, we got to know the charity and set some concrete goals that the website was supposed to achieve. We identified 3 distinct ones:

  1. The charity relies on donations, which were currently hard to send as they only were able to process bank transfers
  2. A lot of people want to support small charities, but weren’t able to discover act for Haiti.
  3. They were looking to partner up with a larger company to supply the children with laptops and other gear, but had no way to show who they were.

Based on these core issues, we designed and developed a website in a little under a month.

We set up a donation page to make it easy to donate online to take care of the first problem. To make the website discoverable, we built out a blog and created a content plan so that the core act for Haiti team knew what topics would have a chance of ranking on Google.

Finally, we came up with a professional looking design to impress potential corporate partners.

By working with Act for Haiti we were able to meaningfully change how their business operated, and we have already started on a next iteration to expand on that.

Visit the actual website